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Becoming Yourself Series 1.0

Five week series free from cost, stress, and exams

Begin your term on solid footing and take a journey into asking: Who am I? How do I strip away the layers and uncover my true essence? Why am I here? What would it look like for me to live authentically in a world that isn’t always supportive of my true self?

A chance to find support with other travellers on the path who are asking similar questions. Try a variety of mindfulness practices and experiment with integrating them into your daily life.

Series will include weekly 1 hour workshop with interactive group exercises, reflective practices to try at home, at least one meeting with a staff coach, and weekly self-awareness exercises designed to support you to:

  • Find freedom to be who you really are
  • Discover your personal daily rhythm through mindfulness practices
  • Move from self-criticism to self-compassion
  • Let go of the tyranny of “Shoulds”
  • Uncover a sense of your true life purpose

A completion certificate will be granted for participating in the full 4 weeks and staff coaching session.

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The Becoming Yourself series is funded by Student Open Circles and is open to post-secondary students at no cost