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Becoming Yourself Series 2

Find Balance in Daily Living

Nov 1 - 30

Five week series free from cost, stress, and exams

Deepen your understanding of who you really are and how to live your authentic self within the pressures of student life as you:

  • Notice how you wish to live your daily life
  • Discover your unique personal daily rhythm through practical and manageable steps
  • Explore how to increase your focus and productivity in your studies
  • Experience mindfulness practices
  • Try reflective exercises to explore “Who am I?”
  • Learn to treat yourself with kindness and respect

A chance to share ideas for authentic living with others who are asking similar questions. The course includes weekly 50 minute workshops with interactive group exercises, self-awareness and mindfulness practices to try at home, and a meeting with a staff coach. You will be guided in practicing daily mindfulness exercises in your own time and submit a short weekly reflection about your experiences of these exercises.

A completion certificate will be granted for participating in the full 5 weeks and staff coaching session.

To Register: fill in the registration form below. Register by October 22 to have your schedule included in setting the time. You do not need to have completed Part 1 to benefit from this offering.

The Becoming Yourself series is funded by Student Open Circles and is open to post-secondary students at no cost.

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