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Becoming Yourself Series 4.0

Five week series free from cost, stress, and exams

February 28 - March 29

Choose either Wednesdays 3:30-4:20 or Thursdays 3:30-4:20

Experience guided reflection with symbols, imagination, and dreams as a path to exploring: Who am I? How can I clear away the layers that have been imposed on me? How do I live authentically in a world that isn’t always supportive of my true self?

Join this group to explore:

  • Parts of your true self emerging through guided creative expression and visualization
  • Mindfulness and self-care practices to be present to who you are
  • How to let your intuition guide you in listening for a symbol’s deeper meaning
  • What your dreams might mean to you
  • Creating from a dream – how symbols from a dream reveal insights into who you are

A chance to share ideas for authentic living with others who are asking similar questions. The course includes weekly 50 minute workshops with interactive group exercises, dreamwork activities, and self-compassion and mindfulness practices to try at home, and an optional meeting with a staff coach or a group coaching session. You will submit a short weekly reflection about your experiences of these exercises. A completion certificate will be granted for participating in the full 5 weeks.


  • Open to all students at no cost. You do not need to have completed other Parts of Becoming Yourself to benefit from this offering
  • Registration Form (New Window)

The Becoming Yourself series is funded by Student Open Circles