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Reflection Circles are a safe space for connecting with your self and others in an atmosphere of respect and awakening to your authentic life through exploring mindfulness practice, creative expression, and discussion

Reflection Circle Guidelines

  • Creating an atmosphere of freedom, safety, and respect
  • Respecting each others' ideas, opinions, feelings, & questions
  • Working to see that everyone feels the freedom to participate or pass
  • Respecting confidentiality

Listen to Abigail's story to learn more about Reflection Circles.

This Week's Themes

What can I expect at a Reflection Circle?

  • A respectful and safe place to explore mindfulness practices, creative expression, and participate in open discussions
  • Opening quotation to set the tone for the activity and reflection
  • Introductions and brief, no-pressure icebreaker activity
  • Check-in about how your week has been so far
  • A judgement free space where everyone is welcomed to share or pass
  • 15-20-minute practice that relates to a different theme each week
  • Time for reflection and discussion
  • Drop in with no commitment required
  • You do not need to sign up or be part of Open Circle to attend a Reflection Circle

Find out more about each Reflection Circle's themes below.

Weekly Circles - try out a circle any week with no signup required!

Body, Mind, Spirit Circle

Exploring Integrated Living

A supportive space for sharing about our journeys, questions, and ideas about spirituality and authentic healthy living. Whether you are looking to explore your spirituality or following a specific spiritual path we can learn from each other in an atmosphere of respect and openness. Try out practices for wholistic living such as meditation, creative expression, journaling, hiking. 

  • Wednesdays at 4:30-5:20pm starting September 16
  • Location: See weekly e-mail for this week's Reflection Circle meeting link (or Register to Receive the Online Link)
  • Contact: Marybeth at

Creativity Circle

A supportive space for sparking the flame of your creative fire

Experience guided creative practices (visual, written, or other) while reflecting with a theme. Let go of what you think you "should" create, following your inner knowing while practicing letting go of the outcome. You might be surprised by what you create. Join us to...

  • Discuss our thoughts on and experiences of creativity
  • Challenge each other to stretch ourselves in listening to and following our authentic voice
  • Reflect on life and meaning as we seek to integrate creativity and spirituality

Whether you are already an accomplished and engaged creative person, or are beginning to explore your creative journey for the first time, this group has something for you. Learn from each other to live all of life creatively, whether through an artistic medium or through how you raise questions and engage society and your inner life. Uncover and unleash your creative potential in your chosen areas of expression - through visual arts, writing, drama, music, living life, activism, meditation, etc. No artistic experience needed.

  • Mondays at 3:30-4:20pm  starting September 14
  • Location: See weekly e-mail for this week's Reflection Circle meeting link (or Register to Receive the Online Link)
  • Contact: Marybeth:

Meditation Circle

Join us to learn about meditation and to support each other in becoming more mindful. Each session begins with a check-in about our experience of the past week, then a meditation practice is introduced and guided for 15-20 minutes of practice, followed by an opportunity to discuss any questions or insights. Each week we explore a different mindfulness practice including breath awareness, guided imagery, artistic expression, and other activities that the group wishes to learn together.  No experience necessary – whether you are new to meditation or already engaging in regular reflection, having the support of a group can help to strengthen your practice.

  • Fridays at 12:30-1:20pm  starting September 18
  • Location: See weekly e-mail for this week's Reflection Circle meeting link (or Register to Receive the Online Link)
  • Contact: Jeff at

 Movement Meditation Circle (MONTHLY)

A safe space for authentic and free-flowing movement. Journey via music and guided movement meditation inward towards your own truth, then outward to discover how to bring this new glimpse of yourself into daily life. Join us in the deeply liberating practice of shedding imposed expectations about how you should move and instead listening to the wisdom of your own body and allowing it to guide you in your own way of moving and perhaps dancing. No experience needed, just a willingness to move and let go into the moment.

  • Postponed until in-person events resume
  • Contact: Marybeth at